Burnquist Gold

1618 editions will be minted as a token of appreciation to all of you. Using the “Golden Rule” as a guide. We unite the elements of authentication in our first NFT. I hope for love and prosperity to all of you. That is what is coded into the token. This marks the start of our Journey in this blockchain of paying it forward. 

Legendary Skateboarding Content

Years living and breathing skateboarding has pushed Bob to capture inspiring and legendary Content. Gain unique access on his perspective in the art of skateboarding. 


Great access to Bob’s personal archives of photos, audio, video clips, art, medals, trophies. All ready to be digitized and minted. Unique insight into the Burnquist Universe. Feeling good moments of unique raw video clips ready to touch and inspire you

N.ew F.ronT.ier Collections

An authentic collectible series in skateboarding, art, music, photography and incredible video content, starting with Bob’s unique all around Creative Content. Then onto new collaborations.

NFTs for social change

NFTs are the new frontier for social impact. Great opportunities to reach out to the World to gather for a cause. And Bob has his own social program in Brazil to direct the attention to! #skateboardingcares

the N.ew F.ronT.ier

Welcome to bobburnquist.io

A digital authentication revolution for creative people around the world has arrived and has already changed everything.

This is my input/output home of 1’s and 0’s , a home on the internet and it’s a Golden Opportunity to share and connect directly with all of you. A new marketplace. Years in skateboarding experiencing unique moments, new tricks, the competition runs, the unique design projects. This is a place where I live and share the art of skateboarding and all the other different creative expressions of my life in one place, for Digiternity. 

Dreams and broken bones. It’s a painful and joyful struggle. All the effort, love and passion is worth it. Moments become eternal. Creating is a prayer of gratitude to the Creator. When I close my eyes I can live and feel the tricks I landed over the years. Some of them landed only once. Manifested forever. 

We are Golden children in a Golden era with a Golden purpose. And this is my digital dent in the Universe.

bobburnquist screw loop

Visionary Skateboarding

A spiritual skateboarder, Bob is a skateboarding reality bender. Many years of inspiration and creativity, pushing and being pushed by progression. A life filled with visionary moments with a huge collection of new tricks and unique ramp design projects. With a soulful and technical approach to skateboarding, where progression is a constant.

“Every new creation realized is a gift back to the Creator. I resonate and the Universe answers. We are blessed.” 

Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist’S



Thrasher Magazine


World Sports Award for Action Sportsperson 2002


Skateboarding World Champion


Skateboarder of The Year Awards


X Games Medals


Years of Professional Skateboarding

Join our metaverse early. Be part of history! 


NFT drops

Stay tuned for updates on Bob Burnquist’s Cryptoverse

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