“Burnquist Gold” | GENESIS NFT (10/ 10 / 2021)


The “Burnquist Gold” coin NFT is my Genesis NFT drop and is the token that represents all my NFT drops. It’s a creative gratitude token. A good omen entry into the crypto verse. It lands with hope, love and prosperity to all of you. Art, Skateboarding, Collectible trading cards, direct access to me for consulting on skatepark design, demo contracting, interviews, special events, etc. Want to visit dreamland and check out a private backyard Mega ramp skateboarding session? There will be an NFT for that.

Absolutely inspired by this opportunity to connect with all of you in this new digital experience revolution.
To manifest creativity is to be lifted by progression. I am therefore I create. 
Every new creation is a gift back to the Creator. Be inspired to Inspire. Let’s live in the eternal loop of creation.

I feel like a Golden child in a Golden era with a Golden mission. 
My name is Bob Burnquist and I create to inspire for a living. 

Golden Ratio Tokenomics

(1,618 editions) 

Royalty 13%

XTZ $ 1.618